Thursday, 9 April 2020

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Our Activities
The Institute carries out the following activities as part of its mandate:
  1. Standardization of Science Laboratories for teaching, research and services.
  2. Laboratory Personnel Capacity Building.
  3. Laboratory Administration and Management.
  4. Laboratory Equipment Management and Maintenance.
  5. Laboratory Inspection, Accreditation and Certification.
  6. Laboratory Building and Infrastructure Design.
  7. Laboratory Chemical and Reagents standardization and certification.
  8. Development of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Science Equipment and Procedures.
  9. Development of Science and Technology Education Teaching Aids.
  10. Research into the productiong, standardization and use of laboratory chemicals and reagents
  11. Maintains contact with Overseas Science Equipment Manufacturers and also maintain a database of such.
  12. Operate and maintain standard science laboratory practice for secondary school pupils training in Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  13. Consultancies on science laboratory development, equipment procurement, projects and laboratory services
  14. Laboratory Equipment Design and Fabrication
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