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Collaboration is one of the functions of the Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratoiy Technology (NISLT). The Institute had made concerted efforts since its inception to work jointly with some selected MDA's, private and international organizations in achieving its functions and mandate. In addition, the Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology had drafted memorandum of understanding with these organizations to formalize and concretize collaboration.

Who to collaborate with?
The Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology (NISLT) as an Institute, professional and regulatory body is ever ready to collaborate with any organization that will facilitate the Institute to achieve its mandate.

Collaboration with Sister Agencies and Parastatais
The Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology (NISLT) is making efforts to collaborate with NBTE, NUC, NCCE, Federal Ministry of education and Research Institute to ensure effective and efficient management and administration of laboratories in all the teraary and Research Institutions in the country. Similarly, the Institute had collaborated with some universities in the country to run master programme on Science Laboratory Technology.

Collaboration with States MDAs
The Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology in its bids to achieve its mandate is collaborating with some state MDAs. Prominent among are; Ministry of Environment, Health, Science and Technology, Industry, Water Resources and Ministry of Education. In addition, the Institute only recent had capacity building of science teachers in collaborat.on with Kwara State Ministry of Education.

Collaboration with SON, SPAN AND NISLT
The Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology as a regulatory body is making effort to collaborate with SON and SPAN to ensure that it is only standard laboratory equipment, consumables, and reagents are imported into the country.

Collaboration with National Bureau of Statistics, UNESCO, UNICEF, NUC
The Nigerian Institute of science laboratory in it bids to achieve it mandates is making efforts to collaborate with NBS, UNESCO, UNICEF, NUC, NBTE, NCCE and Federal Ministry of Education on unified data on laboratory equipment in all tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Collaboration in the Area of Oil and Gas
The Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology (NISLT) has made efforts to collaborate with DPR to ensure all laboratories and personnel manning the laboratory in oil and gas are registered and conformed to standard.

The Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology (NISLT), as part of its functions had embarked upon series of visitations to identify relevant MDA's, private and international organization that share similar vision with NISLT with the view to create awareness about NISLT, its mandate and activities. Also sought of possibilities for collaboration arrangement in order to advance science laboratory technology in Nigeria.

Underneath are some of the agencies and organizations NISLT visited:
  • Suppliers and dealers in scientific products and private companies:
    Katchey, Unique Instruments & Science Company Limited, NAAFCO scientific supplies Ltd, science products association of Nigeria (SPAN), Finlab Nigeria Limited, Astra instruments, Labstock Nigeria Limited, Sword Sweet, Eagle Flour Mill Limited.
  • Ministry, Department Agencies (MDA's), and Associations visited:
    SON, NAGRAB, NIHORT, NAFDAC, Central Lab, Ife, Principals of Unity Schools South West, All Principals of Oyo State Private Schools Association (OSYPRING), DPR, SPDC etc.
  • International Organizations:
    UNESCO,IITA, NIDOE, University Of Brighton United Kingdom
  • Embassies the Institute had written for visitation and possible collaboration
    The Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology (NISLT) had made efforts to write to fifty two (52) countries of the world through their embassies. The essence was to inform them about the Institute and also identified areas that might lead to collaboration.

    The countries are: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Cuba, Czech Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, Germany, Greece, Guinea-Bissau, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Korea-Republic of South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Jamaica, Japan, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Namibia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, Taiwan, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United States, Turkey.
The Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology (NISLT) perform exhibition to showcase the Institute activities and research result conducted through its members. The Institute had participated in two types of exhibitions; the presidential exhibition of 2006, where Haemoglobin (Hb) Genotype machine and other machines through our members were exhibited. Secondly, Ministerial mini-exhibition, it being organized to welcome any new minister to the ministry and also inform the Minister of the Institute activities.

The Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology (NISLT) also planned In-house staff seminar basically for the junior staff to benefit from the wealth of experience of the senior staff that were sent on training, seminars, conferences and workshop. The seminar holds in the Institute every Friday, every year.

The DG/CEO OF NISLT Dr. I.F. Ijagbone was the first to deliver lecture on the topic: Achieving NISLT Mandate through team work. The seminar is ongoing, erudite resource persons were being invited from outside to deliver papers to compliment the staff presenters.
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