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Our Mandate

The major functions of the Institute are contained in Act 12 of 26th June, 2003, published in the official gazette of the Federal Republic of Nigeria No. 47 volume 90 of 23rd July, 2003 stated as follows:

  1. Advancing science laboratory technology profession in Nigeria
  2. Determining the standard of knowledge, exposure to equipment, practicals and skills, to be attained by person seeking to become registered members of the profession and reviewing those standards, from time to time, as circumstances may require
  3. Promoting the highest standards of competence, practice and conduct among the members of the profession
  4. Securing in accordance with the provisions of the Act, the establishment and maintenance of a register of members of the profession and the publication from time to time of the lists of those persons
  5. Serving as an agency to secure, safeguard and advance the professional knowledge, standing, efficiency and interests of science laboratory technologists through the Council
  6. Conducting examinations and granting certificates and diplomas and advising on, assisting in examinations relating to science laboratory technology in Nigeria
  7. Conducting research in all the areas of science laboratory technology
  8. Serving as a certifying agency through its registered members
  9. Ensuring safety standards and necessary facilities in science laboratories and workshops in Nigeria
  10. Ensuring, through its registered members, effective and efficient management and administration of all science laboratories in Nigeria
  11. Arranging appropriate on-the-job training for members of the profession
  12. Conducting inspection of science laboratories in schools
  13. post-secondary institutions, industries and research institutes in order to improve the professional standards
  14. Doing such things as may advance and promote the advancement of the profession in both the public and private sectors of the economy
  15. Performing, through the Council established under Section 4 of this Act, the functions conferred on it by this Act

Click Here to Download the official gazette of the Federal Republic of Nigeria No. 47 volume 90 of 23rd July, 2003

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