Monday, 13 July 2020

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Laboratory Analysis Request Form

After filling the form below, you would be taken to the payment page for payment. At the end of the payment exercise, a code would be generated for you. You are to write the code on the particular sample to be analysed and send it us at the NISLT Headquarters.

If you have more than one sample to be analysed, fill one form per sample to get a code for each sample. Note, however, that you are to correctly label each sample with the code generated for it. If a sample is wrongly labeled, NISLT shall not carry out any analysis and shall not be liable for any refund or damage whatsoever. So, be very careful in your labelling.

Furthermore, NISLT shall not be liable to any refund owing to any mistake made in the filling of the form.

Very importantly, ensure that javascript is enabled on your browser to use this page.

Lastly, Samples should be collected within one month after completion of analysis, otherwise they will be discarded.

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