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Brief History of NISLT Library

The library of Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology started as far back as the period the Institute was established in 1971, particularly when collections were on project reports submitted by Institute’s candidates for their Final Diploma in order to become members and fellowship of the Institute for their upgrading. Other Institute’s documents were also kept in the library.

In line with the Act 12 of the National Assembly of 2003 that was established the Institute, it was basically mentioned in paragraph 19 of part VI Miscellaneous of the Act “ that Institute shall provide and maintain a library comprising books and publications for the advancement of knowledge of science laboratory technology and such other books and publication as the Council may think necessary for the purpose and to encourage research into science laboratory technology.”

From the above, it is necessary to have a special library that will serve specialized needs of our members and employees in the Institute. This library is going to serve as:
i) Technical library for the Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology
ii) Research centres for our members and other scientists.
iii) Information centres for library users outside the Institute

The collections of special libraries depend on the specific needs of the organizations they serve. The Institute would operate a library of materials for scientific research and data for users. The information is designed to increase productivity and add to the efficiency of the institute; the time members would spend on searching for materials and scientific data would then be reduced. This would facilitate and ensure improved research findings and teaching of science in all levels of educational sectors; e.g. primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.

Nowadays, it is possible to build large-scale service centre where collections of information are stored in digital formats, link other similar libraries both within and outside the country and retrieved over networks. The materials and data are stored on computers. A network connects the computers on the users’ desks. Therefore, the institute’s library is on digital form where the information is stored in digital formats and accessible over a network. Access to the Institute’s library is possible with the appropriate password or pin number obtained during registration with the Institute’s Library online after the appropriate subscription has paid to the library.

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