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Aug 11, 2017


The 33rd NISLT Annual National Conference is scheduled to hold at Nsukka, Enugu State from 7th November to 11th November 2017. The Conference is tagged “Nsukka 2017”


The main theme and sub-theme of this year’s conference is stated below: replica watches

Main Theme: Economic Diversification through Science Laboratory Entrepreneurship Dynamics


  • Repositioning Research and Development through Revitalization of Science Laboratories for National Economy
  • The Role of Science Laboratories in Promoting Export Drive of Coal from Nigeria for Economic Recovery and Sustainable Growth


A.    Date for the submission of paper:

    For the submission of papers, members are expected to take note of the following:

  • Deadline for the submission of Abstract is on 15th September, 2017 while submission of accepted main paper is on 22nd September, 2017


Main sections of the scientific presentation


  • Should be informative and relevant to the main theme
  • Name and other co-authors
  • List all authors, but if there are more than six, only list the first six followed by “et al”


  • Background
  • State of Problem
  • Significance
  • Objective
  • Result
  • Conclusion & Recommendation
  • Methodology

*Introduction of Key Words

  • What is it all about? Why do you do this study?
  • Purpose/literature reviewed refers to work of other researchers (primary literature)

*Material and Methods

  • Minimum of eight references for at last 15 years in a chronological order
  • Methods of study, explain the steps for the study as they actually occur
  • Give sufficient details such that anyone could read this section and replicate your study


  • Summary of the final data (supported with tables and figures)
  • Analysis of data


      Explain and interpret

  • What do the results indicate clearly?
  • What have you found?
  • Explain what you know with certainty based on your results and draw conclusions


  • What is the significance of the results?
  • What ambiguities exist?
  • What questions might arise?
  • Conclusion and recommendations
  • State what is known
  • State the significance of your findings
  • Suggest further research
  • The conclusion might be a place to discuss weakness of experimental design (if not dealt with in the discussion)
  • What future work needs to be done to extend your conclusion


  • Avoid academic dishonesty by citing your sources and references
  • Use Harvard method APA format: Author (Day month year) subject, article number and publisher

NB: Avoid Plagiarism


Format for Reviewers

  1. Adequacy of the research design
  2. Presenter’s knowledge of the existing literature on the project
  3. Contribution of the study to the society
  4. Literary and technical presentation of the dissertation
  5. E-copy of the study in PDF format
  6. Plagiarism software (any paper with above 50% should not be accepted)
  7. Once the paper has been brought up to the standard imposed by the committee, it will be presented to the DG for final approval
  8. Letters will be written to authors to signify that their paper is either accepted or not accepted


Requirement for Presentation

  • Proposed papers must reach the committee’s office not later than 2 months to the date of the conference
  • Authors must send the e-copy of the accepted paper in PowerPoint
  • No paper will be accepted at the venue of the conference



  • All submission should be formatted as follows:
    • Font Type: Times New Roman
    • Font Size: 12
  • Those intending to present on Entrepreneurial session should be ready to support their findings with practical demonstration of their work


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