Thursday, 9 April 2020

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Please, Fill the form below to request your Password from NISLT...

NISLT Membership Number:
YEAR of Registration:
YEAR of Birth:

Enter your email address:
Enter your phone number:
Please, know that your password would be sent to the email and phone number you have provided above. More so, the email and phone would be saved on NISLT database for all future correspondence with you. So, please, ensure that they are correct. NISLT would not be responsible for any damages due to a wrong or invalid email address or phone number.

Please, take note that what is required is JUST the YEAR of registration and YEAR of birth as contained in our database. If you try severally and are not getting through, try 0000 as the YEAR of birth. Your year of registration, however, must match what is contained on our record.
If you are having issues, call 08022994686
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