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About NISLT Membership

About NISLT Membership

As a statutory professional body, there are two categories of membership in the Institute, namely, corporate and non-corporate membership.

* Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership refers to members licensed to practice as professionals. Only two grades of corporate membership now exist according to the NISLT Act 2003, namely Associate and Fellow.


A person shall be registered as

Associate member

      of the Institute if he/she has completed a course of study in Science Laboratory Technology and holds either B.Sc./B.Tech or HND in Science Laboratory Technology awarded by an accredited Institutions of higher learning.

Upgrading to Fellowship
      There are two methods of upgrading from Associateship to the Fellowship grade of the Institute. These are:

(i) By Research:

      To qualify for the Institute Fellowship by research, a member must first obtain the Fellowship form with N2,000.00 only. When returning the completed form, 10 copies of the research proposal must be submitted which must be endorsed by the chosen supervisor who must hold a Ph.D and up to the position of Senior Lecturer or its equivalent. If the proposal is acceptable by the Institute, the candidate will thereafter be granted approval to commence his/her project. After the completion of the project, the candidate must submit it with the sum of N50,000.00 as well as paying all outstanding dues to the institute before or at the time of submission of the thesis for examination. He/she shall then be invited to defend the completed project before a panel of expert examiners in that field. If successful, he/she will be elected to the fellowship grade and use the title FISLT.

(ii) By Experience:

      To qualify for Fellowship grade of the Institute by Experience, a member must attain 15 years in Associateship grade of the Institute and then submit a comprehensive write-up of professional experience in the area of specialization to support the application.

      In addition, N50,000.00 processing fees must be paid with all outstanding dues before or at the time of submission of your write-up. The write-up must be in spiral bound form (2 copies required) including your curriculum vitae (c. v.) for consideration. Such an applicant shall be interviewed to defend the application for fellowship.

* Non Corporate Membership


    A person having ND or OND or any other qualification adjudged by Council to be the equivalent of these are registered as ordinary members, while individual who are found qualified by their deeds and support to the Institute are confirmed with Honorary Fellow of the Institute.

Subject to the provisions of the Institute's Act, a person admitted into the membership shall be registered and be entitled to use the appropriate title after names; however, only the corporate members (i.e. the first two categories) are fully licensed as science laboratory practitioners. Such members are issued licenses to practice as Science Laboratory Technologists. The licenses are renewed annually with the payment of annual subscriptions.

How to Apply for Membership


  • Application for membership is now online.
  • Prospective members are required to make payment through one of the online payment channels available on the web portal and then fill the membership form online.
  • The person will also be required to scan and upload a recent passport sized photograph, all his/her credentials including SSCE and name and address of three (3) referees with valid email addresses.
  • One of the referee must be his HOD and another a Corporate Member of NISLT.

Or if you have started the process before, put your ref number here:

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