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NISLT Professional Examinations



The Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology as a Professional Institute regulates the practice of science laboratory technology profession inNigeria.  As a professional regulatory agency of Government, the Institute ensures that all persons practicing or aspiring to become practioners of science laboratory technology profession are registered and licensed by the Institute.  In accordance with the Act all such persons must have gone through an appropriate level of exposure to equipment, practicals and skills as prescribed by the Act establishing the Institute.

The increasing demand for professionals in institutional, industrial and private laboratories in Nigeria has witnessed the employment of persons lacking the professional competence to ensure effective management and administration of such laboratories.  The consequences of the presence of such persons in the laboratories are evident in the level of inconsistencies and decay witnessed in some of our institutional laboratories.  Also the profession of science laboratory technology in recent years has undergone rapid growth and development with defined professional career prospects.  This has elicited the interest of graduates in other fields of specialization to become science laboratory technology professionals.           

The Institute in fulfilling its mandate is therefore saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that standard professional practice is maintained in all the laboratories in Nigeria providing adequate professional training and ethics to all those erroneously employed as technologists and those seeking to become science laboratory technology practitioners from other fields.


General Information



The training programme covers core aspects of SLT profession which include laboratory management and administration, laboratory instrument application, equipment maintenance,   general laboratory techniques and procedures, professional ethics, glass blowing and project.



The Programme is a modular training (Module I, II & III) for a period of 18 months


Candidates seeking to become science laboratory technology professionals who did not study SLT in the polytechnics or universities can take advantage of the 18 month professional membership training and examination programme.  Such candidates must be B.Sc./B.Tech./HND holders in basic and applied sciences. Candidates would be required to provide a letter of confirmation from their supervising officer or unit head to prove that they have been employed as science laboratory technologists in the laboratories that they are attached to.

  • Candidate should be working in a relevant laboratory before he/she can be considered for admission into the PMTE programme.
  • Candidate must be attached to a laboratory relevant to his/her area of specialization and be under the supervision of a technologist in the cadre of experienced technologist of not less than 10 years and must be registered member of the Institute.
  • A programme coordinator must be an Associate or Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology with proven integrity and commitment to the Institute.



The NISLT professional membership training and examination programme is designed to run on part-time basis Lectures and practicals are taken ONLY on weekends. At the commencement of each stage the specific programme modules, materials data sheets, periodic assessment tests and attendance record forms would be forwarded to the candidate.  The professional membership training programme is candidate based/problem based learning.  Hence the candidates need to undertake a considerable amount of independent study.  This include laboratory exercises, report writing and practical presentations and equipment instrumentation.  The coordinators are to act as facilitators of learning and to make sure the candidates meet the requirements of training outlined in this schedule.

The programme coordinator would ensure that the candidate provides for all consumables and materials required for the training programme within the particular stage. 

The programme coordinator is to monitor the candidate’s attendance record, supervise the candidate and carry out periodic tests as well as other routine duties that would be assigned to them.

A candidate working in industrial laboratories would be attached to a programme supervisor who meets the stated requirements in the nearest suitable institution for the duration of the training programme.

A committee would be constituted made up of the staff of the Institute and the appointed programme supervisors which would meet regularly to oversee the smooth running of the programme



Examination centers are:

  1. University of Port Harcourt, Port harcourt
  2. University of Benin, Benin
  3. Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology, Ibadan
  4. University of Abuja, Abuja



There shall be three major examinations conducted after each trenche of the programme to cover;

  1. General Laboratory Techniques and Management.
  2. Different options and specialty areas of the core techniques.
  3. Practicals in different areas of specialization and oral defence of project.

Success in the examinations qualifies the candidate to be registered as Associate Member of the Institute. Candidates who fail at any stage of the examination shall be allowed to proceed to the next trenche and retake the examination at the next available opportunity. There shall be no resit examinations. Success in the professional examination qualifies the candidate to be licensed to practice the profession of Science Laboratory Technology inNigeria. The Institute shall organize an induction programme and orientation ceremony for successful candidates in the professional examination.


The Institute shall appoint a coordinator/supervisor to coordinate the training programme in each identified center.  The coordinator who must be a Fellow or Associate of the Institute with proven integrity and not below the rank of a Principal Technologists is to –

(a)          guide the candidates throughout the Professional Membership training programme;

(b)         draw the time-table for the center in consultation with the Institute;

(c)          oversee the smooth conduct of all the stages to be covered for the duration of the programme;

(d)         ensure the candidates are acquitted with SLT professional ethics;

(e)          ensure strict exposure to laboratory experience of the candidates.



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