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Since its first inauguration in 1971, and especially after its enactment in June, 2003 the Institute has been involved in the training, examination and certification of Science Laboratory Technologists. The Institute has worked in collaboration with the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) and Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC) in the areas of programme accreditations, visitations, inspection of laboratory facilities and curriculum development at ND and HND levels in Polytechnics and SLT degree programme in Universities. The Institute has prepared and obtained approval from NCSTI on the prototype of model science laboratories’ prototype for Institutional laboratories. Similarly, standard requirements for all science laboratories was also developed in collaboration with FME and UNESCO.

Members of the Institute are employed as Science Laboratory Technologists/Scientists in various Educational Institutions, Research Institutes, Industries, etc. and are reportedly performing their duties in the laboratories efficiently and effectively.

It is of utmost importance to state other performances:

Establishment of Zonal Offices: They continue to operate but we are still faced of budget codes for the centres

Zonal office


South South

Edo State Ministry of Science and Technology Secretariat Beninn City

North East

Modibbo Adama University Yola Adamawa State

South East

Room 34-37 Ministry of Environment State Secretariat Abakaliki Ebonyi State

Public and Private practice: We registered over 40 private Science laboratories in the last 2 quarters of the year 2022 . The license and certificate of NISLT is now required by BPP as one of the documents required for procurement processes in the area of Science Laboratory Equipment supply, Installation and Training.

S&T Laboratory Standards for PBEIs: The laboratory standards for Post Basic Education Institutions are now available. This will enhance quality of education in the Country.

Educational Sector: We conducted training for science teachers on STEM and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedures in collaboration with Akwa Ibom State Government. Similarly, STEM training was conducted for science teachers at Ibadan North Federal Constituency schools on the use of science laboratory equipment. Efforts are being made to assess Universities offering SLT degree programmes and Polytechnics to ensure that the students are well handled by qualified hands.

  • In the area of education:
    • We finalized and submitted minimum standards requirements for Institutional Science Laboratories in Nigeria to Federal Ministry of Education (FME).

      Developed and published Science Laboratory Policy

      Completed the assessment of Universities offering SLT degree programmes to ensure best laboratory practice in Nigeria, (9) nine Universities were assessed out of the (11) eleven Universities offering science laboratory technology degree programme across the six geo-political zones of the Country. Although (8) eight was accredited by NUC and NISLT.

      Completed the training of Science Teachers for International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) Competition (FMST program)

      The Federal Ministry of Education has enlisted NISLT members in the planned recruitment into Unity Schools in Nigeria through our initiation

  • Agric Sector:

  • We have developed rapid test kits for Aflatoxin B in Agricultural produce. Our seal can now be used on the CoA for the purpose of product registration
  • We obtained grant to produce NISLT Bacterial DNA Extraction kits while work is ongoing on the laboratory investigation of aqua residues.

Laboratory Service: Rehabilitation of Multipurpose Science Laboratory from level I to II equipped with modern equipment


The process of accreditation of the Multipurpose Science Laboratory’s accreditation which was upgraded with new equipment is ongoing. The laboratory had since being upgraded from biosafety level 1 to II and has capacity to handle any highly pathogenic organisms. Meanwhile, chemistry unit is also undergoing rehabilitation as shown below:


MOU/Agreement: Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology (NISLT) signed MOU with Akwa Ibom State Government in the area of Training and Clinotech Laboratories Limited on Research, new Products Development for the manufacturing and Commercialization of Diagnostic Devices in Medical, Science and Biotechnology in Nigeria. We hope that these MOU signed will bring about Capacity building and Exchange of Personnel, use and development of space for market-focused research and development.

Clinotech MoU

Akwa Ibom State MoU


Monitoring and Evaluation Task Team: M&E Task team established and sensitization conducted


Training: 367 Science Laboratory Technologists / Scientists were trained in different thematic area of SLT in the year 2022 while the thematic training programmes have been released.





Training and Equipment maintenance: The Institute carries periodic training for its members and other users of science laboratory equipment. We conducted periodic training on STEM with gender mainstreaming






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Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology
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